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Bringing Feliz Jawelin to Life with Mcleye Contacts | strawberry.tox

In strawberry.tox (🔗strawberry.tox) unboxing video, she highlights the packaging of our Mcleye Contacts, paying great attention to detail. During the video, she creatively incorporates one of our Contacts to personify the captivating character Feliz Jawelin. With finesse, she meticulously picks the ideal contact lens, perfectly capturing the character's essence with its shade and intricate design. Strawberry.tox's remarkable precision and dedication shine through as she effortlessly blends the contact lens into her transformation, effectively embodying the character Feliz Jawelin.

👉 Starlight Blue

👉 Dolly Choco

👉 Comic Tears Blue

👉 One Piece Dracule Mihawk

👉 Begonia Green