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A Look at White Contacts: Can People See Out of Them?

Nov 07,2023 | MCLEYE


Do you want to look as scary and unusual as possible on Halloween? If you do, you may want to consider investing in white contacts. White contact lenses make excellent options for Halloween lovers who want to dress up as ghosts, skeletons, monsters and zombies for the evening. These contact lenses make it seem like you have pupils that are fully white or close to fully white.

If you're considering wearing white contacts on Halloween, this article will delve further into the topic. Read on to learn more about white contact lens varieties, popularity and Mcleye.

Why Pick White Contacts?

White contact lenses look bizarre due to the fact that they feature opaque tints. These non-transparent lenses fully conceal normal eye colors. Many people gravitate to these kinds of lenses due to the fact that they've been featured in an abundance of widely known zombie movies. A couple examples of these films are both World War Z and Zombieland.

Since white eyes are so scary and uncommon (they honestly don't really even exist in nature), they make it impossible for others to ignore them. They can make superb accessories for Halloween lovers who want to put together costumes that are eye-catching and undeniable.

White eyes are in many cases associated with some of the finest and most epic Halloween styles out there. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was one of the most beloved television programs of the nineties. The program sometimes featured demons that had white eyes. People who are familiar with horror films that revolve around sorority girls may appreciate "The Sleeper" from 2012. This flick showcased The Sleeper, a murderer who was born with white eyes that were totally devoid of pupils. Since white eyes have been a staple in so many scary pop culture vehicles throughout the years, it makes total sense that they're often linked to the most distinctive and inimitable Halloween vibes.

White Eyes and Popularity

Pale white eyes are popular thanks to their plentiful appearances in so many scary Hollywood television programs and films throughout the decades, as indicated previously.

Contact lenses that are white make an excellent accessory for all sorts of "freaky" Halloween costumes. If you show up with white lenses, you'll freak out everyone you encounter with irises that are totally blank. Human beings are naturally intrigued and disturbed by things that they don't see on a daily basis. It makes total sense that the vast majority of people don't come across purely white eyes daily.

White eyes understandably can make otherwise normal people look like they're not human beings. If you want to give your Halloween look an undeniable "out of this world" factor, there are few accessory options out there that can even hold a candle to white contact lenses. Some fans of these lenses say that they make people appear possessed by evil spirits.

Varieties of White Contacts

It's critical for people to be aware of the fact that not all white contact lenses that are available are exactly the same. They're actually accessible in three different types. These varieties are block, mesh and, last but definitely not least, pattern.

Block contact lenses, first of all, are equipped with blocks of "whiteness" that are solid. If you put on a pair of block lenses, they'll conceal your irises and because of that will fully transform your normal eye color. Thankfully, the holes that are on top of your pupils will enable you to see everything in your surroundings as you usually do. They shouldn't interfere with your vision much at all. You may have a minor 5 to 10 percent drop in vision.

Mesh contacts conceal both pupils and irises using a white pattern that's reminiscent of a grid. They quickly pave the way for a scary vibe by making people look like they're free of pupils. If you have eyes that are on the dark side, these lens may make them look somewhat greyish.

Pattern white contact lenses, finally, are exactly what they seem to be. They establish detailed and sophisticated patterns in the location that rests right on top of irises. This pattern makes way for a hole that allows people to see things normally from their pupils. If you want to take full advantage of a broad array of disturbing styles, pattern white contact lenses may be the right choice for you. They can help you emulate the vibes of crazed creatures, dead bodies and the whole nine yards. If you want to get your hands on blood spatter contact lenses for the Halloween season, you should probably investigate all the pattern options that are on hand to you.

The Ins and Outs of Blind Whiteout Colored Contacts

Blind white contacts, true to their name, totally conceal the sclera, pupil and iris. That's precisely why they're so unsettling visually. "The Walking Dead" was a popular television show that captivated audiences for a whopping 11 seasons in total. If you want to look exactly like a zombie from The Walking Dead set, wearing blind whiteout colored contacts may make a sensible and clever Halloween style decision for you. They make eyes look fully white with zero contrast anywhere.

These contact lenses aren't only fitting for The Walking Dead lovers. They're just as appropriate for folks who wish to wear Halloween costumes that are inspired by favorites such as 28 Days Later, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead and even Resident Evil.

What exactly makes blind whiteout colored contacts so insanely scary, anyway? They give wearers "blind-eyed" looks that are absolutely terrifying. They give the impression of eyes that cannot see at all. Zombie flicks throughout recent history have made blind-eyed looks a source of intrigue and intimidation for many years now.

Blind white contacts aren't always fun and games. They can sometimes look a bit too authentic and scary. If you're planning on sporting a pair of these for Halloween, you should probably seriously consider notifying your family members, friends and neighbors in advance. You may even want to alert your pets. The last thing you want to do is give them shocks that may leave them in therapy for years on end. Yes, it's true. Blind white contacts are truly that horrifying.

Proper maintenance is 100 percent essential for people who want to wear blind white contacts well. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands prior to touching them. Safeguard these lenses in a dry and clean spot any time you're not using them as well.

After you wear blind white contact lenses, you should cleanse them by putting them in the palm of your hands and then using a multipurpose contact lens solution. You can utilize several drops of the formula. Lightly massage the contact lenses using your index finger. This can do away with any and all remnants of lingering debris. Rinse using the aforementioned solution.

Refrain from wearing any blind white contacts that exhibit signs of discoloration or damage. If you care for blind white contact lenses well, you'll be able to promote longer lifespans for them. You'll be able to promote superior eye health and safety, too. Remember, you should never take any chances regarding hygiene and your eyes.

Where to Purchase the Finest White Colored Contact Lenses

It is of utmost importance to only acquire white contacts from reputable and trustworthy sources. It cannot be stressed enough that obtaining contact lenses from untrustworthy sources poses significant risks.

Mcleye Lenses (www.mcleye.com) stands out as a highly reputable online store. We offer a wide selection of contact lenses in unique and stylish colors, including white. Whether you have a preference for mesh, blind, circle, ultraviolet, or cat-eye white contact lenses, Mcleye is an excellent choice. Our inventory includes whiteout sclera lenses, white mesh lenses, and white lenses with black rims to cater to your preferences.


The reality is that white contact lenses have been staples among bona fide Halloween enthusiasts for quite a while now. They look creepy and because of that are ideal for people who want to make an impact on Halloween night. Fortunately, people can see well with certain types of white lenses. Pattern contacts feature transparent middle sections that promote standard vision. Blind white contact lenses, however, sometimes obstruct eyesight quite substantially. Blind lenses completely conceal pupils and irises, after all.

If you want to enjoy a safe, productive, comfortable and thrilling Halloween season, you should pick the white contact lenses that accommodate your needs and preferences the best. Luckily, there are amazing options available these days for all kinds of white contact aficionados.