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Cosplay Lens Magic: Rock Halloween with Naruto Sharingan Contacts

Oct 07,2023 | MCLEYE

Naruto's Sharingan Contacts for Halloween Cosplay

Halloween is that one time of the year when you can be anything you want to be, and what better way than to be the ultimate ninja with superpowers? Naruto is a famous Japanese manga series with a big following, and if you're planning on wearing Sharingan contact lenses, then you've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll talk about the significance of Sharingan eyes in Naruto, how to find the best contact lenses for your Halloween cosplay costume, and how to use your lenses to keep them clean, safe, and ready to use.

This is the guide to Sharingan contact lenses you've been waiting for, and here is everything you need to know:

What are Sharingan Contacts?

Sharingan Contacts

If you've never cosplayed Naruto before, then you're in for a treat. Sharingan contacts will elevate your costume, giving you the transformation you need to awe and internalize the characters of the Uchiha clan with their supernatural abilities. But first, let's talk about Sharingan and its significance in Naruto.

  • What is Sharingan?

Sharingan means "Twirling Copying Eye," in the world of Naruto, and it's one of 3 genetic Dojutsu, also known as "pupil techniques," which are generational abilities of different clans.

The Sharingan is a Dojutsu of the Uchiha clan and it activates depending on a number of criteria. However, not all members of the Uchiha clan automatically have this ability, as it only manifests in certain individuals, as well as experiences. It can also be acquired by other individuals, as its powers are extremely coveted in the Naruto world, but it's rare to happen.

An Uchiha member must go through a series of intensely emotional events to manifest the Sharingan. It could be the death of a loved one or an extremely positive experience showing love for another member of the Uchiha clan. Either way, whether good or bad, Sharingan activates when a member of the Uchiha clan experiences profound emotions, such as extreme grief or anger, or a euphoric emotion.

When Sharingan manifests, the individual experiences a number of superpowers, such as the "Eye of Insight" and the "Eye of Hypnotism." The first ability allows an individual to see the physical chakras of another person, giving the ability to predict the movements and behaviors of opponents. The second ability of hypnotism allows a Uchiha member to manipulate and control the movement of another person.

These powerful abilities create strong characters, such as Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha.

Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha

When the Sharingan is activated, the individual's eyes transform, revealing a unique red color with commas appearing in different shapes. The shapes depend on the level of the ability and development of the powers, as well as the different stages of the manifestation.

  • What are Sharingan Contacts?

The Japanese manga series features different shapes of the Sharingan, and when cosplaying a Uchiha character, you must also use the specific eye geometric shapes to create an authentic Naruto costume. This is where Sharingan contacts come in. Your costume will not be complete without these changes to your eyes, and that is why you need to wear Sharingan contacts to complete your look.

These contact lenses transform your cosplay costume, and they come in different shapes, too. This gives you an authentic accessory for your complete Naruto look.

Sharingan contacts can be purchased from Naruto cosplay stores, from online sellers, and from genuine contact lens stores. These contact lenses have become so popular you won't find it hard to find them, especially since Naruto has a big fandom and cosplaying the characters are popular among manga fans.

Where to Buy Safe Sharingan Contacts for Halloween?

Sharingan contacts are being sold everywhere. From online marketplaces to social media, to costume shops, and so many other sources. Because of Naruto's popularity, you need to be discerning when it comes to choosing the source of your contact lenses. After all, you'll be inserting them in your eyeballs, which means you need your lenses to be safe, high-quality, clean, and comfortable.

Here are some tips for finding the best shops that offer safety and credibility when purchasing your Sharingan contacts:

  • Read Online Forums
  • Ask for Recommendations From Friends
  • Choose FDA-Approved Contact Lenses
  • Look for Manufacturers that Adhere to International Safety Standards

If you're unsure about where to begin your search for Sharingan contact lenses, consider connecting with the cosplay community on forums dedicated to Naruto or cosplay enthusiasts. You can ask fellow members for recommendations on reliable shops that offer these lenses. Alternatively, if you have friends within the cosplay industry, seek their advice for reputable sources.

To ensure the safety and credibility of the contact lenses you choose, prioritize products that have received FDA approval. Look for lenses manufactured by companies known for adhering to stringent safety and quality standards in the industry.

If you're still undecided and need inspiration, you might explore the offerings at the Mcleye online store, where you can find a variety of options that may suit your preferences.

  • Recommendations to Find the Best Sharingan Contacts

Mcleye stands as a trusted destination for cosplayers and devoted Naruto fans, offering a range of cosplay contact lenses to enhance your costumes for various occasions, including Halloween and other character-themed events.

Before making a decision to buy contact lenses from any store, it's essential to conduct thorough research. Take the time to read customer testimonials, peruse reviews, and, most importantly, heed valuable tips, guidelines, and recommendations. This approach ensures you won't fall victim to unverified sellers who could potentially jeopardize the safety of your eyes. 

How to Properly Insert and Remove Halloween Sharingan Contacts?

If you've never used contact lenses before, don't worry, they're easy to insert and remove but you need to learn a few tricks and tips. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to insert and remove your Sharingan contact lenses properly and safely:

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure to dry your hands with a lint-free, clean towel.

Step 2: Remove one contact lens from its container and start the insertion process.

Step 3: Use your non-dominant hand to gently hold up your eyelid. Use your dominant hand to lift the lens using the tip of your index finger. While looking up, pull your lower lid and carefully place the lens on your pupil. Once it's there, slowly let go of your eyelids, blink, and make sure the lens is settled in your eyes. Repeat the process on your other eye.

Step 4: The removal process also starts with Step 1. Wash your hands, make sure it's dry, lift your eyelid, and using your fingers, gently "pinch" the lens from your eyes, and carefully remove it.

Once you remove your lenses, you need to care and store them in clean containers to ensure they remain clean and safe to use. Some contact lenses are only for 1-time use but others can be worn repeatedly within 3 to 6 months.

If your contact lenses are the latter, then you need to learn the proper care and storage of your contact lenses.

How to Care For and Store Your Halloween Sharingan Contacts

After each use for reusable Sharingan contacts, place them on the palm of your hands and apply drops of a contact lens solution. Gently rub the lenses with your index finger to remove any dirt or buildup that may be present.

Prepare your clean contact lens container and place a few drops of the contact lens solution. Place one lens in one container, making sure they are completely submerged in the solution.

Before you place your lenses in the containers, make sure they're clean by washing them in mild soap. Once you've stored your lenses, place them in a spot that doesn't have direct sunlight or direct heat.

If your lenses have a cut or are damaged in any way, please refrain from using them as they can irritate your eyes. Throw out lenses that have gone beyond their maturity date and always follow the manufacturer's instructions on usage. Never wear contact lenses that have gone beyond their intended use or date.

If your Sharingan contact lenses are only for one-time use, they do not need to be cleaned and they should immediately be thrown out after use. Never attempt to reuse them again as they can pose a health hazard for your eyes.

Sharingan contacts are unique and majestic when you put them on your eyes. They can instantly transform your Halloween costume, getting you in character without even trying. You can have the best Uchiha costumes but without the Sharingan contact lenses, your cosplay costume will never be complete.

You would also need to study which designs go with which characters, so you get to wear a cosplay costume that's also authentic to the character. Follow safety insertion and removal instructions, as well as storage and cleaning to ensure not only will you have a great Naruto costume, but you're safe and healthy when you transform into your favorite Uchiha characters.