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How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses?

Jul 15,2023 | MCLEYE

Tired of looking at the world through the same old lens? It's time to mix things up and inject some color into your eyes! Colored contact lenses are an excellent approach to changing your appearance and conveying your own individuality. We will take you on a tour through the vivid universe of colored contacts in this humorously eye-opening tutorial presented to you by Mcleye, the premier online retailer for colored contact lenses. Get ready for expert tips, humorous tales, and unexpected facts, as you enter a scene that will leave you wide-eyed with delight!Explore a great way to change your look and express your uniqueness.

  • Scene: A Colorful Misadventure at the Contact Lens Store

Imagine entering a bustling contact lens store where every area is decked with a kaleidoscope of colors. The air is thick with anticipation as you go out on your mission to discover the right pair of colored contact lenses. As you go in, you're welcomed by a polite saleswoman wearing captivating purple lenses that shine in the light. Her eyes attract you, arousing your interest and excitement right away. She takes you through the colorful maze of contacts with an attractive smile, ready to unleash a world of possibilities.

  • Be Daring to Be Different: Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

Be remarkable in a world full of ordinary! Colored contact lenses allow you to deviate from the usual and express yourself. Did you know that 78% of individuals who wear colored contact lenses feel more confident and adventurous because of their distinctive eye colors? Mcleye appeals to your wild side by offering a wide choice of brilliant hues like as purple, blue, and green. The 'shelves' of Mcleye are adorned with an enticing palette of hues, each pair enticing you to explore a new aspect of your personality. So, don't be scared to let your inner unicorn show by selecting a color that suits your bright and daring personality!

  • Match Your Mood: The Mood Ring of Eye Fashion

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and you can convert them into mood rings of eye design with colored contact lenses! Surprisingly, 92% of individuals say they choose their colored contacts based on their mood. Mcleye understands the value of self-expression, which is why our collection provides a wide range of colors to suit any mood. You'll be spoiled for choice with colors ranging from fun pinks to intriguing purples and even mischievous greens. Explore our dazzling amethyst, seductive jade, and enchanting topazio lenses to reflect your ever-changing moods and reveal the essence of your emotions.

Wear colored contact lenses to match your mood and makeup

  • Consideration of Lens Diameter:  For a Natural or Wide-Eyed Look

When it comes to picking color contact lenses, size matters! You've got a range of diameters to choose from, each offering its own special effects. Want those doe-eyed, Bambi vibes? Go for the larger lenses that'll make your peepers pop. But if you're after a more au naturel look, you might prefer the smaller pupil diameters for a subtler transformation. Now, here's the scoop: lenses wider than 14mm venture into the territory of covering more of your eyeballs. Sure, it can be a cool style for some, but be warned—it might tip the scales towards the "unnatural" side. If you're new to the color contact lens game and unsure about the wide-eyed look, it's probably wise to start with a brand that offers smaller diameters. Trust me, your eyes will thank you!

  • Complement Your Complexion: Finding the Right Color

When picking colored contact lenses, you must consider your complexion in the same way that a painter picks the perfect palette. Surprising fact: According to a survey done by beauty experts, those with fair skin tones like tints like misty gray or honey brown, whilst people with warmer skin tones choose hazel or violet hues to match their features. Mcleye celebrates diversity and understands that your complexion should guide your choice. We provide a wide range of captivating colors to assist you choose the lenses that will make your eyes glitter like never before. If you need our help, our customer service support team will accord numerous tones against your skin tone, guaranteeing that each color chosen perfectly fits your specific complexion.

  • Steal the Spotlight: Accentuating Your Features

Colored contact lenses have a wonderful way of drawing attention to your best features. Did you know that 85% of individuals feel that using colored contacts improves the color of their eyes and makes them seem more vibrant? Mcleye wants your eyes to steal the show and leave everyone in awe. We provide a plethora of alternatives for people with dark brown eyes, recommending eye-catching colors of green or blue to create a compelling contrast. For those seeking a more subtle and alluring effect, we recommend choosing a color that complements your eye shade. 

Steal the Spotlight:  Accentuating Your Features

  • Safety First: The Importance of Quality

While the process of selecting colored contact lenses is enjoyable, safety should never be overlooked. Surprising statistic: According to a recent American Optometric Association survey, 45% of persons who wear colored contact lenses have encountered discomfort or eye-related issues as a result of inappropriate usage or low-quality items. Mcleye prioritizes your eye health by ensuring that all colored contact lenses are CE & FDA-approved. To keep healthy and wonderful eyes, our production process highlights the need for hygiene measures, such as storing and packaging the lenses correctly.

Safety First The Importance of Quality

The process of selecting colored contact lenses is an exciting voyage of self-expression and experimentation. Embrace your inner unicorn, dress to suit your mood, complement your skin, steal the show, and always emphasize safety. Mcleye, the best online retailer for colored contact lenses, invites you to explore the bright world of colored contact lenses and discover the ideal pair that expresses your own personality. Explore the vibrant scene with a glint in your eye and a sense of humor, led by helpful tips, and let your individuality shine!