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※ Wash your hands before wearing, removing or cleaning the lens to avoid transferring dirt and germs to your eye. Avoid moisturizing soaps because they are harmful to contact lenses. Then, use a lint-free towel to dry your hands.

  • Wearing

1. Clean the lens case with flow water before filling it with lens solution. The lens solution must be used for storage. Lens solution is only for the purpose of cleaning your lenses.

2. Remove the lens from the container and immerse it completely in the lens solution in the lens case. Allow it to soak for at least 10 minutes.

3. To avoid damaging the lens, lift it with silicon-treated lens tweezers.

4. Determine whether or not the lens is flipped. As shown in the image below, flip it over several times and examine it. It may cause discomfort if the lens is flipped out.

contact lenses inside out?

6. Using a mirror, slowly approach the lens toward the cornea and lightly attach it (Mind not to close an eye).

7. If the lens is properly attached to the cornea, slowly remove the finger used to widen the eyelid.

  • Removing

1. Discard the lens solution in the lens case and clean it with flow water.

2. Insert a new lens case solution. Do not add more to the old solution.

3. Looking in a mirror carefully to determine the location of a lens.

4. Raise an upper eyelid with the left hand's finger, lower a lower eyelid with the right hand's middle finger, and pick the lower part of the lens out with the right hand's thumb and index finger. Make sure your fingernails do not touch the lens.

5. Close the lid and completely immerse the lens in the solution.

※ EVERY THREE MONTHS, the lens case must be replaced. The lens solution in the lens case must be changed AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, and lenses should not be stored in the same solution for more than three days.

  • Cleaning

1. Wash your hands to avoid transferring dirt and germs to your eyes. Avoid moisturizing soaps because they are harmful to contact lenses. Then, using a lint-free towel, dry your hands.

2. Use the recommended solution to clean the lens. Cleaning removes buildup from the eyes, cosmetics, and other debris that interferes with lens comfort. Even if you use a "no-rub" product, the FDA recommends rubbing the lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution.

3. Rinse the lens again to remove the loosened debris, taking the time specified on the package: Rinsing is a critical step.

4. Place the lens in a clean lens case or lens holder and fill it with a new solution; do not "top off" with the old solution.

5. Steps two through four should be repeated for the other lens.


※ Customers who have prescriptions should follow the instructions given to them by their eye care specialists. If you need assistance reading the prescription, please contact us via email.

※ Customers who have prescriptions with any CYL and AXIS value, or SPH containing (+), should not order MCLEYE Contacts. These values indicate that the customer has Astigmatism or Hyperopia, for which We currently do not carry lenses for these.

※ The option value -0.00 denotes 'non-prescription' or Plano. So, if you don't need prescription glasses, simply order for the value -0.00.

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